Monday, May 16, 2011

The Mighty Cost of Utopias

About every 2 years or so, Jim Koch and the brewers of the Boston Beer Company, continue to push the boundaries of brewing by releasing Utopias. A beer that has evolved into a 27 % alcohol by volume, cask aged, behemoth of a beer. This limited edition beer that is bottled by hand and individually numbered has become a collectors item for many a beer connoisseur. Now the 2011 Utopias is going to be hitting the shelves of a liquor store near you, for a whopping $150.00 per bottle.

This makes me wonder where do we go next and when do we draw the line. As a beer lover I would love the opportunity to try even a 2 oz pour of Utopias...and maybe... with that one little sip, the clouds will part, the heavens will open up and just maybe I will have a realization that this is unlike anything that has ever previously touched my lips and a single tear shall fall.
 But getting back reality, I think that there is a better chance that I would say wow that is a really strong beer and mighty tasty, now what else could I have spent this $150.00 on.

I am certainly not knocking Jim Koch and the Boston Beer Company for being pioneers and continuing to push the level of what is possible with beer. But as a consumer I just can't seem to justify shelling out that much coin for a beverage, even one that may be as life changing as Utopias.


  1. Fun to try, but I wouldn't buy it again. It really has more in common with a nice port wine or a cognac than a beer.

  2. If you are there at the right time during the GABF the Samual Adams booth pours tastes of Utopias. I agree with Lance however that it more resembles a port than a beer. Still, don't pass up the opportunity if you get it!