Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Buddha Nuvo - A Colorado Collaboration Beer

I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive at first, about spending $40 for a beer. Even one that was brewed by 14 of my favorite brewers. It took having the beer described to me by a couple of the brewers, as well as reading some local reviews before deciding that I absolutely had to try it.

The idea for Buddha Nuvo came about as all ideas should...over a beer. Jim Stinson of the Rockyard and Jason Yester of Trinity Brewing were enjoying a couple of pints, when they decided that they should get together to do a collaboration Saison beer. As they discussed it further and began to get excited, they decided to call on some of their friends and fellow brewers to help create the beer . They all agreed to brew at the Rockyard as well as use this as an opportunity to raise some money for the Colorado Brewers Guild.

Buddha Nuvo is a Saison that comes in at 12% ABV, but it is unlike any Saison that I have ever seen, or better yet tasted. The grain bill includes Weyerman Pilsen, Vienna, Rye, as well as Spelt which is a species of wheat. Pumpkin is then added to the boil as are a mixture of Peppercorns to add a distinct spice flavor. The beer uses 6 different strains of yeast as well as 5 strains of brettanomyces for a sour tartness. The beer was then aged in Oak Chardonnay Barrels where they added the addition of Buddha Hand which is a rare citrus fruit originally grown in India.

When poured, Buddha Nuvo is a cloudy orange amber color with a nice white head. The aroma gives off a strong citrus orange nose with a wonderful tartness from the brett. When you first taste it, Buddha has the flavor of bitter orange with the spice of the peppercorns. On the back-end, you can taste the Oaked Chardonnay from the barrels that gives an almost champagne type quality. The beer is very complex and yet simple at the same time. The flavors seem to continually change in your mouth as you drink.

Overall Buddha Nuvo it is a truly remarkable beer that is dangerously easy to drink and unlike anything that I have had before. I am so happy that I live in state with brewers who are so willing to work together to create something so special. Even more so, I am so happy that I put my cheapness aside (if even for a little while), so that I could experience this amazing beer. To answer your next question, yes, it is worth the money although I do wish it was a bit cheaper so I could have even more. Word on the street is that we may get to see Buddha Nuvo again next year, lets keep our fingers crossed.

Buddha Nuvo was brewed by the following breweries:

  • Rockyard Brewing

  • Trinity Brewing

  • AC Golden

  • Crooked Stave

  • Funkwerks

  • Rock Bottom Brewery

  • Strange Brewing

  • Ska Brewing

  • Black Fox Brewing

  • Del Norte Brewing

  • Tommyknocker Brewery

  • Dry Dock Brewery

  • Shamrock Brewing

  • Colorado Mountain Brewery

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